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The Town That Cried Wolf

Posted on May 16, 2017

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I can’t read the papers or watch cable news anymore.

Instead I tune into the Golf Channel or try to catch the Nationals or the White House on TV.

Every day, news breaks about some supposed perfidy committed by our President.

Every day, David Frum or Jennifer Rubin predict that the strongman Donald J. Trump will seize power from the Congress and run America Mussolini-style.

If they aren’t predicting some right-wing coup, they are predicting that Trump’s incompetence will sink this country and lead to a Vladimir Putin presidency.

Trump is either an authoritarian or incompetent.  He can’t be both.

Every day, the left breathlessly reports the same things as Frum and Rubin, albeit with a leftist edge.

Trump is going to take away the rights of all gay people to exist.  He is going to throw all pot-smokers in jail.  He is going to kick every immigrant out of the country.

Trump is a tool for Putin of course.  Except when he bombs Syria.  Then he is an out-of-control war-monger.

Trump’s language is going to get us into war with North Korea, unless of course, you talk to the South Koreans.  They don’t seem that worried about it.

The latest missive.  He told the Russians secrets that he shouldn’t have told them.

This is the latest thing that will get the President into Constitutional hot water and probably lead to his impeachment.

Except that the folks in the room said that it never happened.

The President shared with the Russian Foreign Minister intelligence that he perhaps shouldn’t have.

That’s not against the law, even if it did happen.

This is not a Constitutional crisis.  It’s not impeachable.  And it is not clear it actually happenend.

But that’s not how the Town that cried wolf played it.

Same thing with the Comey firing.

Everybody is Washington thought James Comey was going to be fired.


Because he wasn’t that great at being an FBI Director.  Democrats were calling for his dismissal a couple weeks ago.

They condemned his testimony about the Presidential elections with great alacrity.

And then Trump fires him and the Town that cries wolf goes nuts.

Constitutional crisis!  He must be impeached!  Storm the gates!

It’s all political nonsense.

You know who doesn’t buy into this nonsense.

The American people.

They want high-paying jobs.  They want economic security.  They want an America with a growing economy.

What they don’t want is more political nonsense.

They have long since grown weary of this town that has done so well while the rest of America has stagnated.

Now they are tuning out the town that cries wolf.

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