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  • A New Contract With America

    Posted on September 30, 2014

    (This originally appeared in The Hill.) I had flown in from Chicago to attend the ceremony, but I wasn’t in on all of the details. I had moved from Washington back...

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  • Sunday Homily

    Posted on September 28, 2014

    I asked Father Riffle, my Parish priest, to reconstruct a homily that he gave a couple of weeks ago at Mass because I wanted to share it with you.  ...

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  • No Use in Holding Holder in His Job

    Posted on September 26, 2014

    Republicans should do their best to allow Eric Holder to depart the Justice Department as quickly as possible. He has been as bad an Attorney General in his way as...

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  • The Breakdown of Brotherhood

    Posted on September 25, 2014

    It started with Cain and Abel. The Spartans never got along with the Athenians. The Christians split off from the Jews, despite the fact that Christ was a Jew.  During...

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  • 5 Ways Washington Would Change If Republicans Win the Senate

    Posted on September 25, 2014

    (This originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank) It matters who controls the Senate. I shouldn’t have to say that, but the perception is growing that whatever happens...

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