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  • Liking Ike (And Trump)

    Posted on January 18, 2018

    “Don’t worry, Jim, if that question comes up, I’ll just confuse them.” So said Dwight Eisenhower to his panicked Press Secretary Jim Hagerty, as he prepared himself to meet the...

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  • Democrats Want An Issue, Not a Solution, To The Dreamer’s Debacle

    Posted on January 16, 2018

    It is entirely believable that President Trump uttered his now infamous shithole comment.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have let the comment linger out there as long as he did....

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  • Donald J. Trump: A Method to His Madness

    Posted on November 6, 2017

    This week, we will find out if there has been a method to the president’s madness. Since Donald J. Trump was elected, I consistently preached to all who would listen...

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  • “D”efining the Trump Presidency and Other Thoughts

    Posted on October 19, 2017

    (These are some notes from a little talk I gave at a conference in Chicago which I thought I would share with you.) My first office job was just a...

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  • Reality Show

    Posted on October 11, 2017

    It was in 2001 that the Emmy Awards added Outstanding Reality Show as a category. Talk about a conflict in terms. According to Wikipedia, reality television is defined as “…a genre of television...

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