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  • Shared Sacrifice

    Posted on July 11, 2011

    In the context of the debt limit, Democrats have been pushing for tax increases because they want to punish the rich. They believe that because the so-called rich pay only...

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  • DeMint The Moderate

    Posted on July 8, 2011

    Is Jim DeMint becoming a moderate? I ask that question because his insistence that a balanced budget amendment be included in any extension of the debt limit is not really...

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  • Tax Sham

    Posted on July 6, 2011

    Nonsense. The President’s position on taxes is complete and total nonsense. He has made a big deal out of taxing corporate jets. I remember when Bill Clinton made a big...

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  • Fireworks and Freedom

    Posted on July 5, 2011

    I am writing this blog post as I watch the Capitol Fourth on public television. When I worked on the Hill, I used to have access to the Capitol building,...

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  • Debt and Taxes

    Posted on June 27, 2011

    Ben Franklin was the one who first said that the only inevitable things in life were death and taxes. These days, the same could probably be said for debt and...

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