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Post-Hillary, Who?


By John Feehery

Hillary Clinton (by Brett Weinstein).jpg

“Hillary Clinton (by Brett Weinstein)” by Brett Weinstein – Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

So, let’s assume that Hillary doesn’t run for the White House, for a second.

She wiped her servers clean, she lied to the public about wanting to to send emails from only one device, her top staffer had an unusually cozy and lucrative relationship with a shadowy PR front group that is being probed by the Senate, the relationship between her and her husband is a bit unique, and her husband’s former paramour and intern is now starring on The View.

So, let just posit that Hillary becomes untenable as a Presidential candidate.  The one thing that is propping her up is the sad fact that the Democrats have no bench.  Who will run if Hillary doesn’t run, the question goes.

Here are my power top-ten rankings about the Democratic field, sans Hillary. (more…)

As Budget Passes, Reid Departs


By John Feehery

Harry Reid official portrait 2009.jpg

“Harry Reid official portrait 2009″ by United States Congress – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Perhaps it was the voter-rama that did it?

Was it just a coincidence that shortly after the Senate completed work on its budget for the year that Senator Harry Reid announced that he was hanging up his spurs?

Maybe. (more…)

Congressional Democrats Want DHS to Close


By John Feehery

Nancy Pelosi 2013.jpg

“Nancy Pelosi 2013″ by Via Wikipedia.

Congressional Democrats desperately want Congressional Republicans to get blamed for closing down the Department of Homeland Security, the longer the better.

So they are doing everything they can to make that happen.

They believe that a shutdown could help them to take back the Senate and possibly to take back the House. (more…)

Executive Orders: A Short History


By John Feehery

Executive Order Signing Ceremony at the White House 62.jpg

“Executive Order Signing Ceremony at the White House 62″ by White House Initiative on Education Excellence for Hispanics – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.




The President’s power to issue an executive order is not spelled out in the Constitution.

And for the first 75 years or so of our Republic, an executive order wasn’t even made public.  They were just directives sent from the White House to the various agencies, telling them what to do.

Executive orders started being numbered in the Lincoln Administration. (more…)

Why Pelosi and Reid Will Stay


By John Feehery

Nancy Pelosi 2013.jpg

“Nancy Pelosi 2013″ by Via Wikipedia.

(This originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal)

You might think that after the shellacking they received last Tuesday, House and Senate Democrats would want new leadership.

Americans believe in accountability. The Yankees regularly fire managers when the team doesn’t win the World Series. CEOs who don’t meet their bottom lines are bounced all the time.

Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader, and Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, have had long, successful careers. And both are 74, well beyond the retirement age of most Americans. (more…)


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