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Impeachment is a bad strategy for Dems – but right now it’s the only one they’ve got

Posted on May 8, 2019
(this piece was originally published at Fox

Impeachment is a bad strategy for Dems – but right now it’s the only one they’ve got

Rep. Al Green spilled the beans.

“I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected,” The Texas Democrat said recently.

This reminds me of the old saying from the Vietnam War: “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” Both quotes are linked by the same impulse: The ends justify the means.

For the members of the progressive left, what matters most is victory for their agenda. So when they destroy the reputation of somebody like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh, it is in the service of a higher objective.

Politics has become a desperate blood sport, and the left has lost all perspective when it comes to President Trump.

There are plenty of policy issues where the Democratic leadership can make substantial progress with the White House.

For example:

1) Drug prices are too high and the president seems more than willing to make a deal to bring the costs down.

2) Democratic leaders met recently with Trump on infrastructure spending – a national priority –and they came up with a notional deal on the proper level of investment.

3) There is now grudging acknowledgment by the media and among some Democrats that there is a crisis on the southern border that needs to be resolved.

4) Almost everybody in the world knows that China is a bad actor when it comes to manipulating trade and stealing intellectual property, and that includes many Democrats.

On each one of these issues that are important to the average voter, Democrats could put aside partisanship and work with the president to get good things done. But they will refuse because they will never accept the fact that Trump was elected president fair and square.

In the minds of many Trump-haters, Hillary Clinton should have defeated Trump in 2016. Because she lost, many on the left believe the election that put Trump in the Oval Office must have been somehow illegitimate.

Democratic allies in the media and among the bureaucracy have gone to extreme lengths to nullify the election, cast doubt on President Trump’s victory, and now do their level best to drive him from office.

Rep. Green has only said what many of us in Washington already know. The Democrats’ only strategy for beating President Trump is to impeach him. That is why they are spending so much time on fishing expeditions that hold little interest for the American people.

Many folks haven’t bothered to read a page of the report on Russian election interference by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. You know why? Because there is no there, there.

No collusion means no obstruction. End of story.

Voters care more about their own personal taxes than they do about the president’s taxes. Of course, that doesn’t stop the Democrats from pounding away, trying desperately to get him to make public his income tax returns.

But why would the president give his political opponents data that he knows they will twist to attack him?

And guess what, most people paid significantly less this year at tax time than they did last year, despite what many news reports suggested.

Trump’s approval ratings are now higher than President Barack Obama’s at a similar stage in his term.

You know why?

The economy is booming and the president is showing that he is a strong leader who is willing to stick up for America.

Every day that the Democrats stick to the impeachment script is a day wasted that could go to making significant progress on issues important to the average American.

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