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  • Tips for Trump

    Posted on March 6, 2018

    I like golf teachers who give you small tips with the swing you have rather than make you learn a whole new approach to the game. President Trump is a golfer...

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  • Fighting Political Inertia

    Posted on February 27, 2018

    Behold the power of inertia. The American political system is built to resist change. It is built to protect inertia. In a world of checks and balances, getting anything done...

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  • The Lessons of Vietnam – Ken Burns

    Posted on October 2, 2017

    Like many Americans, I watched the latest documentary from Ken Burns that detailed the history of the Vietnam War. Here are the lessons I took away from it: Vietnam was...

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  • The battle for the GOP

    Posted on January 4, 2016

    (Originally published on The Hill) On the one hand, you have Paul Ryan and his vision of a government that works better to help people. On the other hand, you...

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  • Obama’s Immigration Crisis

    Posted on July 21, 2014

    Originally published on The Hill Incompetence breeds contempt. It’s not easy to alienate black voters, Hispanic voters and conservative white voters all at the same time on the same issue,...

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