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  • Delete the Email

    Posted on April 5, 2011

    President Obama emailed his supporters that he is running for re-election. I guess he did that as a way to tell young voters (who largely powered his initial election campaign)...

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  • Let’s Talk Presidential

    Posted on March 18, 2011

    Andrew Breitbart told GQ (thanks Mike Allen) that his dream ticket to run against President Obama would be Allen West and Michelle Bachmann. Coincidentally, that would also be President Obama’s...

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  • It’s A Dangerous World Out There

    Posted on February 17, 2011

    Amid all of the excitement about how wonderful the revolution is in Egypt, an element of the Egyptian mob reminded us that all is not sweetness and light in the...

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  • Symbolic?

    Posted on January 20, 2011

    The House of Representatives votes to repeal a massive, intrusive, expensive new health care law, and the press calls it symbolic. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and, umm, (Harry Reid, the...

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  • Life Is a Preexisting Condition

    Posted on January 18, 2011

    According the Obama Administration, pretty much all of us have a preexisting condition. On the Washington Post’s Front Page, the headline screams: “Study: 129 million have preexisting conditions.” The story...

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