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  • Observations of Day One

    Posted on July 19, 2016

    In many ways, this is a typical convention.  The same guys are running the floor operations that have run the operation in conventions past.  The same guy who directs the...

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  • Strength above all

    Posted on December 7, 2015

    Originally published on The Hill “Well, there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn’t advise you to try to invade.” Americans love to be tough. That’s what...

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  • We Need a Leader, Not a Law Professor, In the White House

    Posted on November 17, 2015

    I’m not an Obama hater. He was born in America. He is not a Muslim. I would enjoy playing pick-up basketball with him. I would be happy to drink some...

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  • His Words Jumped Off the Pages

    Posted on February 14, 2015

    His words jumped off the pages. And at that point, I knew I was in the Major Leagues. I moved to Washington in September of 1989, and improbably found myself...

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  • “Hard Choices” and the GOP

    Posted on June 9, 2014

    Originally Published on The Hill As Hillary Clinton starts peddling her new book and preparing for her presidential run, Republicans should carefully consider how they can prepare a defense against...

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