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Some Incomplete Thoughts on the Dangers of “Crony Capitalism”


By John Feehery


I am very sympathetic to the libertarian philosophy.

I believe that when government tries to subvert markets, things go awry.

Prohibition is a perfect example.

The government tried to stamp out the casual use of alcohol in the 1920’s, and the marketplace found a way to serve a thirsty public anyway.

The result was mayhem.


Why is the Federal government so big anyway?


By John Feehery

Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg

If you ever have any hopes of diminishing the power of Washington, you need to have an understanding as to why it has grown so large in the first place.

Some might cynically say that it is Washington bureaucrats that have deviously worked to expand the power of central government, but usually government grows in response to the request of those who vote.

Here are some turning points in our national history that helped to expand the size of the Federal government.


It Started With Cortes


By John Feehery

In a strange way,  you can blame Hernan Cortes and his merry band of Conquistadors for the border crisis that has hit our southern border recently.

El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala haven’t had a particularly easy history ever since the Spanish came to the area in the early 1500’s.


Adams Arrest Is Not Helpful to the Peace Process


By John Feehery

Religion or religion brought up in

One of my favorite movies is “The Informer.”

Victor McGlaglen, who is perhaps most famous for his role as Red Will Danaher in the St. Patrick’s Day classic “The Quiet Man,” won an Oscar as a drunken Jimbo Nolan, an IRA foot solider who spills the beans to the British Black and Tans about an IRA operation in exchange for some money to buy a few pints and present for his girl. (more…)

Immigration Reform Without the Police State


By John Feehery


I am in favor of comprehensive immigration reform that tightens the border, legalizes the status of the 11 million immigrants who live in society’s shadows now, provides a fair pathway to folks who want to be citizens in this country, and provides both tools and incentives to businesses so that they don’t hire people who are here illegally in the future.

But I am opposed to turning this country into a police state. (more…)


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