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The End of Men?

Posted on September 21, 2012

As I was driving back from this gym this morning, I heard a startling factoid on WTOP:  Doctors can now help parents select the sex of their babies.

If that doesn’t make your stomach turn a bit, here is another startling statistic:  80% of the parents selected girls.  Only 20% selected boys.

In India, it is fairly common to abort girls.  Same thing in China.

In America, girls rule, boys drool.

We treat our women-folk pretty nice here in America, compared to the rest of the world.

Women are officially classified as a minority, even though they make up a majority of the country.

There are laws to make certain that women are not discriminated against.    The first law Obama signed had to do with pay parity for women (He is no dummy.   He knows where the votes are.).

Women live a lot longer than men, but still most of the media attention is spent on women’s health, at least in America.

Women are now going to college in far greater numbers than men.

We still have Title 9 on the books, a law that makes certain that women have equal access to college sports.  This has greatly expanded the number of female sports, but greatly constricted the number of men sports, mostly because if a college has a football team, that greatly skews the numbers, meaning that wrestling and baseball programs usually face the budget axe.

In schools, little boys, who like to run around and act crazy, are put at a strategic disadvantage to little girls, who like sit quietly and paint pretty pictures.

Teachers like their students to sit quietly and paint pretty pictures.  They yell at the boys who can’t get their wiggles out.

We used to teach boys better than we do these days.  Now, teachers try to put them on drugs.  That will shut them up.

In welfare, women and children are largely taken care, while men are left to fend for themselves.

Quite often, that means the men either end up going to jail or going into the military.  If one thing has been abundantly clear with our nation’s experience with welfare, it is that men don’t do particularly well on their own.

They tend to be ones who get involved with drug deals or gangs or crime or otherwise cause mayhem.

And because we give the welfare money to momma, it is the men that are forced to live a life of shame and subterfuge.  The men don’t get their names on the leases of the Section 8 housing.  The men don’t get the EBT care.  The men, by and large, don’t get much assistance from the government.

As a result, they tend to be the most destructive members of lower-class society.  They turn to crime.  They turn to drug-dealing.  They turn to violence.

No responsibility is required of them, so they are shunted off as if they were refuse.

We ought to rethink how we dole out the dole.  It seems to me that letting the men fend for themselves just doesn’t work.

If a young woman gets knocked up and decides to have the baby, it seems to me that the man who caused this should be held to account with a combination of carrots and sticks.

He should be given some measure of assistance if he takes basic courses in how to be a parent, how to get a job and how to take care of money.    The women shouldn’t get all of the money, nor should they be given all of the responsibility.

Hannah Rosin has written extensively about the worthlessness of men.   Her provocative essay, “The End of Men”, posited with ample proof that women are now the dominant sex in America, thanks to an evolving economy that no longer values brawn and muscle, but rather rewards things like collegiality and emotional intelligence.

Men still come in handy though, especially in wartime.  And this idea that we can simply dispense with men and their testosterone I think is the fantasy of some extreme man-hating feminist.

I still think most women (not all women, but most), would like to find a man to marry who can help her achieve financial and emotional security, and a stable family.

But that is hard to do if we as a society continue to treat men like second-class scum.    We should teach boys to become men and we expect men to act like men.

And for God’s sake, we should end sex selection of babies, no matter what their gender.

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