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  • Kristol Attacks Me?

    Posted on March 18, 2016

    Bill Kristol attacks me in The Weekly Standard today for being a supporter of Donald Trump. I guess that’s fair play because I attacked him for being an avid, early...

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  • Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Political Instability

    Posted on January 20, 2016

    (Published in the WSJ) Political instability leads to economic instability. And nothing says political instability more than Sarah Palin. Mrs. Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump has been described as performance...

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  • The Otto Caucus

    Posted on December 21, 2015

    Wanda: Was it shrewd? Was it good tactics or was it stupid? Otto: Don’t call me stupid. Wanda: Of course not! To call you stupid would be an insult to...

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  • Old Hickory and the GOP

    Posted on June 9, 2015

    Andrew Jackson has long been credited with starting the Democratic Party. He brought the Western frontier to Thomas Jefferson’s anti-federalist (and anti-Wall Street) sect and created the party of the...

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  • Slowing Down Hillary’s Quest for the White House

    Posted on April 23, 2015

    The New York Times doesn’t much care for Hillary Clinton, and I can’t say I blame them too much. Her record as Secretary of State is turning out to be...

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