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  • The golden generation

    Posted on July 10, 2017

    (Also published in The Hill.) Talk about bad decades. Hollywood is set to release a new movie about the Battle of Dunkirk, which occurred in the first year of the...

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  • Pelosi Doesn’t Play Well in the Denham District

    Posted on July 7, 2017

    Nancy Pelosi has an approval rating of 34% in the 10th district of California. That’s significant, because Pelosi is trying to mobilize action to defeat the current occupant of that...

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  • Dems face choice — Resist or seek deals

    Posted on March 6, 2017

    (Also published in The Hill) Over the next several months, congressional Democrats have several leverage points where they can score legislative victories on behalf of key constituencies. Or they can...

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  • Paul Ryan: A Thoroughly Decent Guy

    Posted on October 18, 2016

    Paul Ryan is one of the most thoroughly decent guys you will ever meet in politics. He is not a schemer.  Not a back-stabber.  Not a political animal. He’s not...

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  • My Notes from a Recent Speech

    Posted on April 12, 2016

    I gave a talk to a group and thought I would share my notes with you: Thank you so much for having me here today. Did anybody watch Jordan Spieth...

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