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  • Pelosi to Deploy a Wide Variety of Tactics to Win Vote

    Posted on March 15, 2010

    (Washington DC)  JMU News Service reports that House Speaker is considering a variety of different procedural and intimidation tactics in order to win passage of the President’s health care bill...

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  • Life is Complicated For Speaker Pelosi

    Posted on March 6, 2010

    The resignation of Congressman Eric Massa complicates the life of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  And her life is already pretty complicated. Of course, it means one less vote for a...

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  • Why Pelosi Stuck With Rangel

    Posted on March 4, 2010

    Charlie Rangel is not crazy.  He may be liberal.  He may be corrupt.  He may be a partisan.  But he is not crazy. The same cannot be said of Pete...

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  • Getting Caught in The Changing Times

    Posted on March 3, 2010

    “The times, they are a changing.” That anthem of the 60’s should always be in the minds of all Hill ethics counselors. Charlie Rangel’s troubles with the Ethics Committee follow...

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  • Pincer Movement

    Posted on June 10, 2008

    The Wall Street Journal reports today on the content of computer files closely tying Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez with FARC, a terrorist organization that makes its money running drugs to the United...

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