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Show Me the Money

Posted on October 27, 2010
So, which side in this election cycle has raised the most special interest cash?

According to the New York Times, ah, that would be the Democrats.

Which special interest group has spent the most money trying to influence voters?

According to the Wall Street Journal, that would be the union representing government workers.

Which President got elected because of the influx of unaccountable, untraceable money from hedge fund billionaires?

That would be Barack Hussein Obama.

Which Presidential campaign was accused to soliciting money from foreigners?

Once again, that would be campaign of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Which party strongly supported campaign finance reform that basically destroyed political parties in this country, but created enough loopholes to make it easier for shadowy, outside groups to raise and spend money on elections? That would be the Democrats.

Which Congressional Leader has raised the most special interest money in this election cycle?

That would Nancy Pelosi.

Who would be in second place?

That would be Harry Reid.

Why is the news media completely fascinated with the money raised and spent by Congressional Republicans, but so matter of fact about the money raised and spent by Congressional Democrats and by the President?

I know. I know. I don’t have to answer that question. You already know it, instinctively.

Money is not the only thing that makes a campaign.

In this world of Facebook and Twitter, connecting with voters in a low cost way is easier than ever.

But having money certainly doesn’t hurt. And having money in the bank when your opponent runs commercials that are factually accurate, but completely unfair is nice, because without resources you can’t fight back.

The Democrats’ money advantage is not going to save them. They are going to get clobbered in this election, because they frankly haven’t been listening to the taxpayers who are going to be forced to pay for all of their spending.

But it is still annoying to hear constantly from the press about all of this secret special interest Republican money, when it is the Democrats have raised and spent more of it in this election cycle.

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