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SCOTUS Pick Proves that POTUS is Smarter Than You

Posted on July 10, 2018
“I was with the Americans when they blundered into Berlin in 1918.”  So said Claude Rains in the immortal Casablanca.

Donald Trump is the epitome of the blundering American, looked down upon by all of the Old World elites.

He might be a blunderer, but he is smarter than you.

His choice of Brett Kavanaugh to fill Anthony Kennedy’s spot at the Supreme Court exemplifies his smarts.

Some on the right wanted the President to pick Amy Coney Barrett, and I think she would have been an excellent choice.

But Barrett would have divided Republicans, put intense pressure on moderate Republicans to vote against her and unified Democrats.

I don’t think she would have been confirmed this time around.  The timing was not quite right.

It will be right when we get four more Republicans in the Senate after the next election and after the Notorious RBG announces she is stepping down.

Replacing a woman with a woman seems to make cosmic sense (although as the ranks of female judges grows, that will become less relevant in the very near future), and replacing a pro-choice woman with a pro-life woman would be awesome.

That kind of fight works much better to get President Trump reelected in 2020.

The timing was not right for Barrett and Mr. Trump understood that fact.

He is smarter than them.

I remember when Tom Kite was the best golfer to never win a major.  He had that title for a long time.  And then he finally won a US Open.

Brett Kavanaugh was the smartest judge who wasn’t yet on the Supreme Court.

And it took President Trump to make it happen.

Everybody who know Kavanaugh knows that he is brilliant, that he is a good person, that he has wisdom far beyond his years, that he seeks consensus, and that he has the right judicial philosophy for a conservative.

The folks who know that the selection of Kavanaugh was brilliant are among the staunchest of Never Trumpers.

These are the fools who keep hoping upon hope that somehow Donald Trump will be impeached, that the Republican Party implodes and wish that Hillary Clinton would have won the election.

Trump is smarter than they are.

And now they have to somehow square the circle.   They love Kavanaugh, but they hate Trump.

Will they ever acknowledge that they were wrong and the 90% of the Republican Party that strongly supports this President is probably right?

I doubt it.

But Trump’s choice further marginalizes them.  They might dominate CNN and MSNBC, but their chances to ever be influential in the Republican Party again are infinitesimal.

Trump is smarter than the left too.

Their reaction to Kavanaugh shows how weak their arguments are, exposing the weakness of their political position with the American people.

Kavanaugh is a good family man, a good Catholic, an upstanding gentleman, and the most qualified of judges.

Those who yell the loudest usually have nothing to say.

The Chicken Littles of the progressive socialist party are claiming that the sky is falling, but the sky is not falling.  The sun is shining and the American people can see clearly now.

What they see is that Trump made a smart choice for the Supreme Court.

Trump might be a blundering American, but he is smarter than you.