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The American Id

Posted on July 3, 2018
Donald Trump is America.

If you dislike Trump (and many loyal Americans do dislike him), you dislike America.

Not the idea of America.  Not the promise of America.  Not the American dream or the freedom of America.

You dislike the reality of America.

Donald Trump is the full manifestation of the America we live in.   He is the id to the elite’s Super ego.  And right now, the id is winning.

Trump is your Uncle Bob who has been bitching about all the immigrants coming into the country and taking away jobs from real Americans.

Trump is Grandma who is not really that comfortable with all the “gay” stuff.

Trump is your cousin Joey who lost his manufacturing job because his factory moved to Mexico or China.

Trump is Aunt Joan who is worried about the MS-13 gang that has come into her son’s school and is actively recruiting members.

Trump is your Grandpa who is worried about the debt left by Obama but will frickin’ kill any politician who touches his Social Security.

Trump proclivity to eat fast food is shared by the vast girth of the American people.

Trump doesn’t have time to read policy papers that are longer than one page.  Neither does anybody in your family.

Trump invented reality television and is a cable news fanatic.  America watches reality television like it is going out of business, and now gets the majority of its information from cable news.

Trump might have plenty of money, but he is no elitist.  He says he is plenty smart, but he stays away from big words.

He communicates simply, powerfully.

Trump is the loudmouth at Thanksgiving dinner who might not vote but has plenty of criticism for all the politicians.

His disdain for both political parties is widely shared by voters of both political parties.

He is an outsider, but so are the bulk of the American people, who feel they are getting screwed by the political and corporate elite.

He might wear fancy clothes, but his ties are too long and his hair is well, interesting.

His family life is a mess, except his kids have turned out surprisingly well.  And that’s a huge plus for the American people, most of whom have their own sordid family histories that they alternately sweep under the rug or brag amount, depending on how many cocktails they have consumed in the night.

The media hates Donald Trump.  And that is a huge plus for those who watch Celebrity Apprentice and The Voice.

The American people are tired of being ignored and tired of being lectured to, tired of being called dumb, fat and lazy.

They want the elites and the politicians to listen to them, to their concerns, to their fears, to their insecurities, without judgement and without being called a racist, a homophobe, a sexist or worse.

But the elites don’t listen.  Instead they lecture, they judge and they condescend.  And they get rich off the hard work of the American people.

Donald Trump has positioned himself as the voice and the conscience of the American people.

No, not of the elites, not of the political class, not of the smart people.

He is America.  And if you want to convince the American people of the right policies, you better convince him first.

This is where we are as a country, as we prepare to celebrate our 242 years as a Republic.

If we did not have Donald Trump, surely somebody would have invented him.

Trump is the right leader for the moment, despite all of his flaws.

He is the vessel by which the American people register their discontent with the status quo.

It was Cassius who said, “the fault, Dear Brutus, in not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

And so it is with Donald Trump.

The fault is not with the Russians or Michael Cohen or Stormy Davis or Paul Manafort.

The political class and the elites have only themselves to blame for Donald Trump.

To quote Mencken, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Trump is America, in all his and our glory.

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