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Will ICANN Turn Into ICAN’T?


By John Feehery


“Pm-map”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Two weeks after Germany declared war on Russia to start the First World War, the Panama Canal was completed by the Americans.

For thirteen years, in the last 19th century, the French had been the ones who tried to forge a huge short-cut in Central America, but they finally gave up by 1894, exhausted by disease and bankrupted by the effort. (more…)

Some Incomplete Thoughts on the Dangers of “Crony Capitalism”


By John Feehery


I am very sympathetic to the libertarian philosophy.

I believe that when government tries to subvert markets, things go awry.

Prohibition is a perfect example.

The government tried to stamp out the casual use of alcohol in the 1920’s, and the marketplace found a way to serve a thirsty public anyway.

The result was mayhem.


Andy Jackson and Ex-Im Bank


By John Feehery


Fred Hochberg might want to read up on experiences of Nicholas Biddle.

Biddle was the President of the Second National Bank, and at the urging of Henry Clay, he moved to have Congress reauthorize the National Bank’s charter four years early.

Unfortunately for Mr. Biddle, Clay’s rival was Andrew Jackson and Andrew Jackson was a mean old cuss who hated Henry Clay and hated the very idea of the Second National Bank.


Eric Cantor vs. the Populists


By John Feehery

Eric Cantor, official 113th Congress photo portrait.jpg
originally posted on; June 12, 2014

Rep. Eric Cantor’s surprising primary loss provides a fascinating glimpse into the economic debate that has riven the Republican Party.

It’s a confusing mess that breaks down ideologically, geographically and, most important, along class lines.

Republicans used to be the party of business, all business, no matter what the size. Their philosophy could be summed up as free trade, low taxes, few regulations.


Picking GOP leadership


By John Feehery

GOP Logo1.svg

originally posted to – June 16, 2014

This week, House Republicans will conduct leadership elections to replace Eric Cantor as House majority leader, after he surprisingly lost his reelection bid last week.

Congressional leadership elections are unique. They are based mostly on personal relationships, although among so many ambitious people, other strategic considerations are often considered.

Here are some things to look for in these contests, based on past history:



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