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Impeachment Fiasco

Posted on October 2, 2019
There are three things that are obviously true when it comes to this whole impeachment fiasco.

First, the Democrats have never accepted the legitimacy of this President and were going to find a way to impeach him one way or another.

Second, the Deep State, full of never-Trumpers and professional bureaucrats, have sought to undermine this President ever since he got himself elected to the White House.

Third, the President's erratic governing style and undisciplined approach to communications strategy have made him extraordinarily vulnerable to damaging leaks and the Democrats’ impeachment jihad.

Mr. Trump may be paranoid but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t out the get him. Because they are and they have been.

Mr. Trump promised in his campaign for President to fundamentally change the relationship with Russia, promised to avoid stupid wars if at all possible, promised to find ways to make peace with some of our staunchest enemies, promised to deepen our relationship with Israel, promised to stand up to China, promised to cut off the flow of illegal immigrants into this country and promised to appoint pro-life, conservative judges to every Federal court in the country.

He also promised to blow up the political establishment and bring a businessmen’s sensibility to governance.

The Deep State, from the very beginnings, have done their level-best to knee-cap the President.

They didn’t like it when he lambasted the intelligence community for screwing up the Iraq War. They were panicked over the idea that the Cold War was over and that Mr. Trump really did want a fundamentally different relationship with the Russians. And they hated it when he refused to read their briefing reports or take their admonitions, cautions, warnings or threats seriously.

From a domestic intelligence perspective, things were even worse. From the very moment James Comey walked into the Oval Office, bearing the most salacious details of the Democrat-funded Steele Report (a tactic often employed by Comey’s predecessor J. Edgar Hoover), it was abundantly clear that the relationship between the FBI and the President were going to be contentious at best, poisonous at worst.

The President didn’t take well to Comey’s intimidation tactics and fired him shortly after.

The Deep State’s major spokesmen, James Clapper, John Brennan, and Comey, have continued their public pulverizing of the President, as their acolytes inside the Administration have done their best to undermine the Trump agenda internally.

The Deep State hasn’t been particularly subtle about this campaign. Indeed, one of them published an entire anonymous op-ed detailing exactly how they were going about their business of stopping the President, published in the New York Times.

And now a Deep-State whistle-blower, a CIA agent of all things, is the Deep Throat who is leading the charge in the latest allegations that will form the core of the Democrats’ impeachment strategy.

Speaking of the Democrats, they too have had a long-standing grudge against this President. And my theory on this is that it has nothing to do with the President’s temperament or Ukraine or even Mr. Trump’s hotels.

It has everything to do with abortion.

We have already seen what the Democrats are capable of when it comes to defending the right to kill babies who haven’t been born quite yet. Look at what they did to smear Brett Kavanaugh.

The attack on Kavanaugh was vicious, despicable, false and effective. If he hadn’t come out swinging back, he wouldn’t be sitting on the Supreme Court today.

The Democrats are hoping upon hope that they can damage the President enough through the impeachment process to make him a one-term President. They don’t necessarily want to remove him from office, because they certainly don’t want Mike Pence to be President.

Knowing that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, no matter how courageous her battles against cancer have been, probably won’t live out a full second Trump term, they have become even more desperate in their efforts to beat the President. And impeachment seems to be the only strategy they have.

Mr. Trump’s undisciplined style, his frequent out-of-control rants, and his disinterest in political norms, have made him more vulnerable to Deep State-Democrat impeachment collusion.

His tweets about coups, his mob-style attacks against the whistle-blower, his unnatural fixation on Crowdstrike, his desire to get to the bottom of the Biden corruption scandal, have given the Democrats just enough fodder to make the impeachment inquiry seem legitimate, even if it isn’t.

The fact that the President’s communications team has been entirely insufficient to the task of defending him is a function of Mr. Trump’s own inability to allow a first-class press operation to do what they are supposed to do.

The President is his own communications director. And that is not a good thing, especially as the impeachment inquiry moves forward.