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Milton Wolf’s Gruesome Photos and More: The World Is Upside Down

Posted on February 24, 2014
So, it turns out that the guy who is running against Pat Roberts, the respected Senator from Kansas, likes to post x-rays of dead people on Facebook and then likes to joke about them.

Here is what the Topeka Capital-Journal had to say about it:
U.S. Senate candidate Milton Wolf posted a collection of gruesome X-ray images of gunshot fatalities and medical injuries to his Facebook page and participated in online commentary layered with macabre jokes and descriptions of carnage.

"Wolf, a Johnson County radiologist anchoring a campaign for the Republican nomination with calls for federal heath care reform, said in an interview the medical images were legally uploaded to public social media sites and other online venues for educational purposes. They also served, he said, to demonstrate evil lurking in the world. However, Wolf and others viewing these Facebook postings relentlessly poked fun at the dead or wounded. The gunshot victim, Wolf joked online, wasn't going to complain about the awkward positioning of his head for an X-ray. In a separate Facebook comment, Wolf wrote that an X-ray of a man decapitated by gunfire resembled a wounded alien in a 'Terminator' film and that the image offered evidence people 'find beauty in different things.'”

Wolf is Barack Obama’s second cousin.  If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would think that the Obama team secretly recruited Wolf to run against Pat Roberts, because they see it as the best chance they have to win in Kansas.

The better explanation is that this is a conspiracy of dunces, led by the Senate Conservatives Fund, and it is doing everything it can to make it harder for the Republicans to take back the Senate and to keep the House, all in the name of ideological purity.

This is the same group that has endorsed Matt Bevin, who is challenging Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.  Bevin, a Wall Street Financier, is running a campaign questioning the Minority Leader’s commitment to the free market.  (On a sidenote, Bevin was born in New Hampshire and likes to summer in Maine.  He’s not exactly true-blue Kentucky, having only lived in the state for slightly longer than a decade.)  It turns out that Bevin wrote a letter in support of the Troubled Assets Recovery Program, or TARP as it is better know to history.  The Tea Party hates TARP, but it loves Bevin, who loves TARP.  Weird, huh?

The reminds me of what is happening in the House of Representatives, where the challenger to Mike Simpson, Bryan Smith, happens to be a trial lawyer who actually lobbied hard against tort reform and who has helped to bankrupt companies with his lawsuits.  He also runs a debt collection agency on the side.

Smith has been endorsed by Club for Growth and the Madison Project.

The Madison Project just hired a pro-pot legalization proponent to work grassroots against Simpson, a reliable conservative who is 100% on pro-life and pro-gun charts.  I guess he is supplying real “grass” to the “grass-roots.”

The Madison Project has also endorsed Bevin and Wolf.  I wonder if they have the same kind of “grass”-roots help in their campaigns.

The Senate Conservatives Fund has also endorsed Ben Sasse who is running against Shane Osborne.   This is a true fight against an insider vs. outsider.

Sasse has an unusual claim to being an outsider.   Before taking on the presidency of Midland University, he worked at the U.S. Department of Justice, for Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, at the Department of Homeland Security, and in the Department of Health and Human Services (where he was appointed by George W. Bush).  He then taught politics at the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs.

Before he ran and won as Treasurer, Osborne’s main claim to fame was that he was a Navy pilot who was captured and interrogate by the Chinese right before the attacks of September 11.   Osborne, the insider, has seen inside the worst our friends the Chi-coms have to offer.

Sasse, the outsider, went to Harvard.  Osborn, the insider, went to Nebraska.

The Senate Conservatives Fund loves themselves some Ben Sasse, despite the fact that he once said that "there's an emerging consensus that this [an individual mandate] might be a good idea."  That’s the guy who says he really hates Obamacare.

Don’t we all?

But the SCF isn’t looking for the best candidate. Sasse is sassy in his contempt for Mitch McConnell, and that this all it takes to get their endorsement.

In the world of the Madison Group/SCF , insiders are outsiders, Obama’s cousin who likes to mock dead people is better than perhaps the most effective advocate for Kansas farmers in history, a trial lawyer-Repo man is better than the one man who has the power to stop Obama’s EPA in Idaho, and a Wall Street TARP-loving multi-millionaire is better than the most conservative Minority Leader in the history of the Senate.

That’s the world they live in.  Ain’t it great?

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