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Top Ten Signs You Are Watching Too Much Morning Joe

Posted on April 8, 2014
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10)  You have read all of Nicole Wallace’s novels.


9)  Richard Haass:  Sex Symbol

Angry grandpa diet coke and mentos explosion

8)  You refuse to drink Coke or Pepsi in deference to Mika

Mouth Buster

7) You know how to say “Zbigniew Brzezinski”

mustache photo: mustache dali13.jpg

6) To you, it was a big deal when David Axelrod shaved his mustache.

excited gif photo: Excited Frenchman Gif MontyPythonFrench.gif

5)  Willie Geist:  Your face lights up at the mere mention.

angry gif photo: Angry angry.gif

4)   You obsess over the shortcomings of the Republican Party and ignore the failures of the Obama Administration.

thumbs up gif photo:  tumblr_lrtao0UEhb1qha386o2_250.gif

3) You thought Jon Huntsman was the real deal.

tired gif photo: tired 2nbuger.gif

2)  You wake up at 4 am to see if Mike Allen has posted his Playbook yet.

excited gif photo: Demi Excited .gif demiiiii.gif

1)  You think that Joe Scarborough is a viable candidate for the White House

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