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Top Ten Most Disappointing Things About the World Ending This Month

Posted on April 15, 2014
According to John Hagee and some other “prophets” (and I use that term loosely), the rare celestial occurrence that gives us the Blood moon foretells the end of the world.

Here are the Top Ten Most Disappointing Things About the End of the World Coming This Month

party gif photo:  2dr53tl.gif

10) Just sent my check into the IRS.  Could have spent that money on a pretty wild bash.

Nationals Baseball

Photo Credit: Steph McGuinn

9) The Nationals look pretty good this year.  Maybe the World Series.

Game of Thrones photo: game of thrones g2.png

8)  George Martin still hasn’t finished that Game of Thrones sequel.  Talk about leaving us hanging.

senate photo: US Senate SenatePhotoFB.jpg

7) Republicans were a sure bet to retake the Senate.

Global Warming Shenandoah River

Photo Credit: Steph McGuinn

6) Was getting ready to enjoy some global warming after this long winter.

golf driver photo: FORE! washington-dc-golf-courses-s.jpg

5)  Just figured out how to hit my driver.
amazing race photo: the amazing race AmazingRace_logoNEW2.jpg
4)  Now will never know who is going to win the Amazing Race.


3)  Wanted to see how the Gwyneth/Chris Martin thing was going to evolve.

miley cyrus photo: Miley Cyrus 4b5ad690cdb5e458d3e00bcb5abfa488.jpg

2)  Was really looking forward to the next Miley Cyrus video

airplane photo: Airplane DSCN0026.jpg

1)  They still haven’t found that damn plane!

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