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The Obama World-Tour: Brought to You By the Major Networks

Posted on July 17, 2008


July 21


Brian Williams:  “This is Brian Williams, reporting from Amman Jordan.  Day 1 of Barack Obama’s World Tour.   Lee Cowen is here to report on Senator Obama’s first day in the Middle East.”


Cowen:  “Brian, I must say this has been an emotional day for the Obama campaign and for me personally.   The large, and I must say, adoring crowds, were just very excited to capture a view of the great one, I mean, Senator Obama. 


Video with Cowen voice-over:  “After a long and grueling plane ride, a courageous Barack Obama emerged in Amman to a hero’s welcome:


Video of a Jordanian. “I love him.  He is my brother.  Thank God for Obama.”


Cowen:  “Brian, there is no doubt that this first stop of the trip has been a big success for the Obama campaign.  He looked Presidential, had a command of the facts, and did just a great job.”


Brian Williams:  “Lee Cowen, thank you for that report.”


July 22, 2008


Katie Couric:  “This is Katie Couric, reporting from Jerusalem.  We are here covering the historic trip of Barack Obama to the Holy Land.  Laura Logan reports:


Laura Logan:  “Katie, it was short, but dangerous plane ride from Jordan to Jerusalem, but Senator Obama courageously stepped into Israel a conquering hero:


Video with Logan voice-over:  “Large adoring crowds greeted the Senator from Illinois, as he retraced the steps of his savior Jesus Christ.”


Video of Obama: “And the capital of Israel is Jerusalem and it should never be divided.”


Logan: “Katie, this historic trip was a real home run for the Obama campaign, and it should go a lot way in helping him lock up Florida in the November election.


Couric:  “Laura, isn’t it true that Obama is expected to travel to the West Bank tomorrow.  What will happen there?”


Logan:  “Obama is expected to take a hard-line with the Palestinians, telling them in no uncertain terms that the only way they will get his support for making their capital in Jerusalem is if they demand it early and often.  And Katie, they are not likely to do that.”


Couric:  “Thanks Laura for that great report.”


July 23


Charlie Gibson:  “This is Charles Gibson reporting from Baghdad, Iraq.  We will spend this whole hour commercial-free as we report on Barack Obama’s historic trip to Bagdad.  Dan Harris reports.”


Dan Harris:  “Charlie, I must say this has been a very historic day for Senator Obama, for the Iraq people and for the world at large.”


Video:  Harris voice-over: “After a short and dangerous plane ride, a courageous Barack Obama emerged in Baghdad today to large and adoring crowds.  Here is how one Iraqi put it”:


Video of Iraqi:   “He is my brother.  Thank God for Obama.  He will not abandon us.”


Video of Obama:  “And no matter what that old man says, President Barack Obama will never abandon you.”


Harris:  “Obama hit a home-run today, Charlie.  The people of Iraq are ready to vote for him now.”


Gibson:  “Doesn’t that seem to be a change in position, Dan.”


Harris:  “Well, Charlie, nobody really believes that Obama believes what he said today.  His campaign put out a statement saying that he is sticking with his commitment to withdrawal US troops at the soonest practical moment or in 16 months, whichever comes later.”


Gibson:  “Thanks for that good report, Dan.”


July 24


Katie Couric, in a burka:  “This is Katie Couric, reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan.  We are here to report on Barack Obama’s historic trip to Afghanistan.  Laura Logan has the report:


Logan, also in a burka:  “Katie, this was an emotional day for the Obama campaign.”


Video, with Logan voice-over, “It was a long and dangerous ride.  But when Barack Obama arrived in Kabul, he was ready for action.”


Video of Obama:  “We made a tragic mistake by invading in Iraq and by not invading Pakistan.  When I am President, we will pull all of our troops out of Iraq, and start the invasion of Pakistan.”


Logan:  “Katie, it was an unexpected and bold move by Senator Obama.   He has completely changed the playing field.  It was positively brilliant.”


Couric:  “Laura, thank you for that fair and balanced report. 


July 26


Brian Williams:  “This is Brian Williams, reporting from Berlin.  We are in day 5 of Barack Obama world tour.  Lee Cowen is here to report on Senator Obama’s bold speech at the Bradenburg Gate.


Cowen:  “Brian, it was another historic day for the Obama campaign.”


Video with Cowen voice-over : “The large, adoring crowds.   The historic setting.  And the profound words that brought back memories of both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.”


Video of Obama:  “I am here to say to that I am not a Berliner, and do not tear down this wall, Mrs. Merkel.  And let me tell you that you should not cut taxes nor should you reform your welfare system.”


Video of German:  “I especially love that he is not George Bush.  And he will not push our government to reform our pension system.  Das ist gut.”


Cowen:  “Brian, Obama is clearly the choice of the German people.”


Williams:  “Lee, thanks for that excellent report.”


July 27


Charlie Gibson:  “This is Charlie Gibson, reporting from Paris, France.  We will do this report with only limited camera interruption.  Dan Harris, can we say that this trip has been a whirlwind for Senator Obama?”


Harris:  “Charlie, Barack Obama is the toast of France, and they are drinking champagne in his honor today.


Video with Harris voice-over:  “Obama was kissed by the French President’s wife, as the love was clearly flowing.”


Video of Obama:  “Vive La France!  Let me say that I agreed with you all when you said that we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq, and I agree with you today when you say that all we need is amour.”


Video of French woman, “He is soooo sexy.  I love him.  I can’t wait until he is President of your country.”


Harris:  “Charlie, like we have found on the rest of this trip, most people just love Obama.  They don’t care what he says or what he will do.  They just love him.”


Gibson:  “Dan, thanks for that excellent report.”






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