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The Kamala Harris Scandal

Posted on April 8, 2013

When President Obama commented on the impressive looks of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, it caused a bit of an uproar. Feminists everywhere threw up with their hands in despair.  The political correct police called a foul on the President.  Even Michelle Obama expressed her displeasure (albeit subtly) by talking about how difficult it was to be a single parent.

Even your long-suffering Feehery Theory blogger chimed in.  I said in a tweet that the President shouldn't apologize to Kamala Harris.  The President should apologize to his wife.

My comments were immediately attacked by the Obama supporters.  Haven't I ever complimented a woman on her looks?  (Of course, I have).  Wasn't I being a hypocrite?  (I don't think so).

Let me explain myself.

There is a different standard for a President.

When he says something, people listen.  And when he makes googly eyes at another woman in public, it has to be a bit embarrassing for the First Lady.

Harris's looks should be completely irrelevant, although we all know that in society, good looks are every bit as important for advancement as brains.   Women know this more than men, which is why the average woman spends so much more of her time on how she looks than the average man does.

Now, this is changing in society.

Men are getting more metrosexual every day, and women are becoming more aggressive in ogling men in the way that men have been ogling women for years.  As the power relationships change in society, I think you will see these trends continue.

But commenting on the looks of a woman is fraught with danger, especially if that woman is a Democrat.

Most commentators have no problem talking about how hot Sarah Palin is.  Even John McCain on a occasion would mention Palin's looks.  And Palin, being a Republican and a conservative, seems to be pretty comfortable with the fact that people think she is pretty hot.

Of course, Palin wasn't the only Republican Vice Presidential candidate in the last 8 years who had everybody comment on her looks.  Paul Ryan's PX-90 body was a major theme of the last campaign.  Ryan wasn't bothered by the fact that the Washington media called him a hunk.

Looks matter in politics.  We all know that.

But if you are a married man and you are President of the United States, you can't get away with calling the California Attorney General by far the best looking Attorney General in the country, even if that is patently obvious to everybody in the country.

Life's not fair that way.  Some people are blessed with good looks and brains to boot.  You can comment on the brains all you want.  Just don't comment on the beauty.