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The Horse Race Begins

Posted on May 12, 2011
And they are off…

Last week, the world focused their eyes on the Kentucky Derby.

This week, a new horse race is just getting started: the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Newt Gingrich pulled his campaign into the gate on Wednesday.

Ron Paul will announce that he is making a run for it today.

Mitt Romney gave a speech trying to clarify his views on health care yesterday.

And Mitch Daniels appears to be inching closer to announcing his own run.

The field is expected to include Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

A couple of possible contenders have scratched. Haley Barbour pulled up lame, and Chris Christie has said that he isn’t ready to run yet.

Like any horserace, there are favorites and there are long-shots.

Odds makers have named Romney and Mike Huckabee the favorites. Long-shots are Cain, Johnson and Santorum.

There is no cash prize to win the nomination, just the chance to run against President Obama.

And there, the odds aren’t as long as some Democrats may have hoped. A new Gallop poll shows that Mr. Obama only beats an unnamed Republican by three points.

If he gets in, I like Daniels to win, Romney to place and Huckabee to show.

Ron Paul could surprise people with a run from the outside.

I still don’t know what make of the Huntsman candidacy, which is why I haven’t mentioned him as yet. Seems to me that he is running from the middle, which is a difficult place to be in a primary. But he might be the only one to run from there.

The Presidential horserace is just about to get started. Place your bets now before the betting window closes.

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