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Thanks, Mr. President, For Proving the Case FOR Photo ID to Vote

Posted on October 26, 2012

So this is pretty amusing.

For MONTHS, the very Obama-friendly MSNBC has been telling us that requiring photo ID can lead to disenfranchising black voters and that maximizing early voting is crucial because many black voters cannot make it to the polls on election day, but avail themselves of early voting.

So yesterday, President Obama becomes the first president in modern memory to cast his ballot via early voting, in his hometown of Chicago. Well, in Illinois, you don't need ID to vote UNLESS, you guessed it, you cast a ballot via early voting, in which case you need a valid, government-issued ID.

The president was asked for his ID, promptly produced it, and was given his ballot. Piece of cake.

By electing to vote early, President Obama demonstrated how simple, easy, and patently fair it is to require photo ID for voting.

Thanks, Mr. President!

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Ken Shepherd is the managing editor of and formerly a staff writer for the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute. Ken graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland in 2001. He lives in New Carrollton, Md. with his wife and daughter. You can follow him at Twitter at

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