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  • Three Reasons Christine O’Donnell Might Actually Win

    Posted on September 16, 2010

    I got caught up in the moment Tuesday night, and expressed my disgust with the primary victory in Delaware of Christine O’Donnell. I didn’t (and don’t) think she is qualified...

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  • More Lessons Learned

    Posted on September 15, 2010

    Here are some more lessons learned from the primaries last night: 1)      Conservatives aren’t going to vote for a candidate based only on electability:  The principle reason that Castle gave...

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  • Thune

    Posted on July 28, 2010

    I ran into Congressman Jimmy Duncan in the hall of the Capitol and we had a little chat. Duncan is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, a...

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  • Rebranding the GOP and Closing the Gender Gap

    Posted on June 8, 2010

    I have a theory about the differences between a Republican primary and a general election.  To win a Republican primary, you have to win a majority of white men.  To...

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  • Appearances Highlight Power of Palin – From msnbc

    Posted on May 16, 2010

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy...

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