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  • Walking Away from a Train Wreck

    Posted on November 13, 2013

    I never heard of, but apparently they were the ones that broke the big story yesterday, the story of how Team Clinton slowly but surely walks away from the...

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  • Star Trek: Romney and Obama are Both Like Mr. Spock

    Posted on June 4, 2012

    Mark Liebovich revealed yesterday in the New York Times that both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are huge fans of the television show Star Trek. He didn’t mention if they...

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  • Is the Private Sector Doing Just Fine?

    Posted on October 20, 2011

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday: “It’s very clear that private sector jobs have been doing just fine, it’s the public sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and...

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    Posted on September 14, 2011

    Presenting caption contest week two. The winning caption will be selected next Tuesday and its author awarded their very own Feehery Theory mug. Caption this photo of Joe Biden! Post...

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  • Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina

    Posted on June 24, 2011

    Eric Cantor pulled out of the Vice President’s debt talks the other day, convinced that the Democrats were leading him down a politically unsustainable path. Republicans don’t think revenues are...

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