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Star Trek: Romney and Obama are Both Like Mr. Spock

Posted on June 4, 2012

Mark Liebovich revealed yesterday in the New York Times that both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are huge fans of the television show Star Trek.

He didn’t mention if they were also fans of Star Trek, the Next Generation.  I bet you dollars to donuts that Mr. Obama is a big fan of Star Trek Voyager.  If you recall, Geri Ryan starred in Star Trek Voyager, and she was married to Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan, you might recall, was the leading contender and favorite in the Republican primary until it was revealed that his ex-wife divorced him because he wanted to have sex with her in a Parisian sex club.

That shocked and surprised Illinois Republican primary voters, who didn’t realize that you could have sex with your wife in a Parisian sex club.  Ryan dropped out of the race, and Mr. Obama ended up facing Alan Keyes, who turned out to be the closest thing to a real life Star Trek character, in the general election.

Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama have more characteristics of Mr. Spock than James T. Kirk, who was played by the irrepressible William Shatner.  Both are data driven, coldly analytical, somewhat cautious.

Does the country need a Mr. Spock to lead this country in this particular moment?

Maybe.  But wouldn’t it be more fun if we had a William Shatner?  Sometime given to fits of righteous indignation and emotional outbursts?  Somebody who had a side-kick like Bones McCoy?

The closest we have to that right now on the Republican side is Chris Christie.  Christie is a fat version of Captain Kirk.  He wears his emotions on his sleeve, but he leads with passion.

Obama’s version of Kirk could be Joe Biden, although I kind of see old Joe more in the light of Mr. Scottie.  You could see Biden muster up his Irish/Scottish accent and inadvertently tell the President that the engines are blown.

In a sense, I am glad that the President and Mr. Romney are fans of Star Trek.  The big question I have is:  when will they bring the Space Program back?