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Short Term, Long Term

Posted on June 8, 2011
In the short term, the economy might dip back into a recession, which means that our debt picture in the long term gets only worse.

In the short term, it sure is fun to make fun of Anthony Weiner. In the long term, do we really want to kick out members of Congress because of affairs that they didn’t have?

In the short term, the media swarmed over an Internet rumor that there were 30 dead bodies outside Houston. In the long term, if the media keeps jumping on these stories and causing local police departments to deploy resources, they all go broke within five years.

In the short term, Republicans may lose their House majority over Medicare, in the long term, if that happens, we will never fix Medicare and it will go broke.

In the short term, politicians seem to only care about the next election. In the long-term, short-sighted thinking will spell the doom of this nation.

In the short term, everybody is talking about jobs. In the long term, we have more serious issues when it comes to the basics -- water, food, roads, electricity – which nobody is talking about.

In the short term, Americans want us out of Afghanistan and Iraq. In the long term, American interventionism might be killed by one big thing: Bankruptcy.

In the short term, we decided to kill the Space program because we are running out of money (chiefly because of Medicare). In the long term, we probably need a way to get folks to explore the rest of the universe so we can off-load a very crowded planet.

In the short term, it is sure fun to talk about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann as serious Presidential contenders. In the long term, do you really think that history will find this at all funny?

In the short term, it makes sense to lock up criminals. In the long term, it sure doesn’t make sense that America has more people locked up in prison than any other country in the world (think about that for a second).

In the short term, it is all good to believe in the Bible and in God. In the long term, God gave us a brain. Don’t you think He wants us to use it?

In the short term, all seems to be business as usual. In the long term, everything is changing before our eyes. We just can’t catch up to it.

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