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Security As An Issue

Posted on October 25, 2008



            Barney Frank called for 25% reduction in the military budget.  Barack Obama’s hometown, Chicago, is now the murder capitol of the world.  Joe Biden said last week that Barack Obama, if he gets elected, will face an international crisis in his first six months as President. 


            How are you feeling about the Democrats taking control of the country?


            Feeling pretty secure?


            9/11 happened because the intelligent services were devastated through budget cuts during the Clinton Administration.


            The Cuban missile crisis happened because the Soviets wanted to test a green U.S. President.


            Crime in cities like New York, Detroit and Chicago goes out of control when liberal get in control of the government, local, state, and federal.  It goes down when the politicians back the police.


            Feeling pretty secure?


            We are about to elect the most liberal President and the most liberal Congress in our nation’s history.


            So liberal that Barney Frank had this to say to a Massachusetts newspaper today:


“In a meeting with the editorial board of The Standard-Times, Rep. Frank, D-Mass., also called for a 25 percent cut in military spending, saying the Pentagon has to start choosing from its many weapons programs, and that upper-income taxpayers are going to see an increase in what they are asked to pay.”

            So liberal that Barack Obama voted against a law in Illinois that would allow homeowners to defend themselves against armed robbers. 

            Does that make you feel secure?

            I have often thought that crime was the untapped issue of this campaign.

            People are more concerned about the terrorist next door who is dealing crack and crystal meth than they are about the terrorists in the Middle East.

            Obama is weak on crime and weak on the war against terrorism.  He is a conventional liberal on these issues who believes in taking money from job-creators and give it to government programs aimed at self-esteem.

           If you don't believe me, check out what he chose to spend money on when he was running the Chicago Annenberg Challenge on behalf of the Chicago's public schools.

          The most liberal President in history and the most liberal Congress in history will slash defense spending, slash intelligence funding, pass gun legislation that will take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, and enact a other liberal programs that will waste the taxpayer's money.

            Does that make you feel secure?

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