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Dialogue Between My Head and My Heart

Posted on October 27, 2008



Head:  McCain is finished.


Heart:  Those polls are crazy.  Look at the AP poll.  This thing is really closer than people think.


Head:  McCain is finished.  Republicans are going to get slaughtered.


Heart:  This is all media spin.  There is no way that Barack Obama will be our next President.


Head:  Nice try.  Look at the registration numbers.  Look at the turn out for the Obama rallies.  McCain is finished.


Heart:  Barack Obama is the most liberal and least experienced Presidential candidate in our nation’s history.  There is no way that the American people will take a chance with him.


Head:  Look, I hate to say this to you because I agree with your point.  But we are in the middle of one of the biggest economic collapses in our nation’s history.   The American people want a change.  They might be irrational, but they are voting for a big change.


Heart:  Barack Obama and the Democrats are going to raise taxes on everybody.  Doesn’t anybody understand that?  What the hell is wrong with everybody?


Head:  Obama has his message poll-tested.  He may raise taxes on everybody, but he isn’t saying that now.  He is saying that he will cut taxes for everybody but the rich.  Since most people don’t pay any taxes, they love the idea of getting a hand-out from the government.  Sad but true.


Heart:  Look at Obama’s friends.  It is worse than Bill Ayers.  He has close associates who are crooks.  His former pastor not only hates America, he hates white people.  He is from the most politically corrupt city in the country.  He has people on his campaign staff who are radical extremists.  This guy is bad news.  No way will the American people vote for him.


Head:  I hear you, but nobody else does.  They don’t want to hear about Obama’s friends.  They want to hear about the economy.  McCain blew it.  He should have talked about all of Obama’s friends months ago, when he had the time.  Now, he just looks desperate. 


Heart:  But John McCain is a war hero.  He fought the Vietnamese and George Bush.  He is a maverick.  He can work with Republicans and Democrats.  He has oodles of experience. 


Head:  Yep, but he is old.  People value his war service, but they think McCain is a cranky old man.  I know you don’t want to hear it, but it is true.  Sorry.


Heart:  Come on, that is not fair.  McCain will bring reform and change to the government.  Look at his pick as running mate.  Sarah Palin is fantastic.  She is packing in the crowds.  She is the most popular governor in the country.  She will help McCain win by electrifying the base.


Head:  Look, I like Sarah Palin, but she has been a disaster.  Independents don’t like her.  A lot of conservative pundits can’t stand her.  She hasn’t helped McCain with the female vote.  And the media has destroyed her.  People are talking about her clothes, for Christ’s sake. 


Heart:  Well, I just don’t believe it and I won’t believe it until this election is done.  Mark my words, John McCain will win this election.


Head:  You want to bet?  Even up.  Because this race is over.


Heart:  How bout giving me some odds?  

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