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Posted on October 14, 2008



            Tim Mahoney’s payoff of his ex-mistress, with government and campaign money, to keep her quiet is just the latest scandal to hit Washington’s emerging Democratic majority.  Mahoney, for those who aren’t paying attention, ran as a family values candidate in the last election.  He ran to replace Mark Foley, a Republican who had his own scandal but never ran as a proponent of family values.  Being exposed as a hypocrite three weeks before an election can’t be fun for Mr. Mahoney, but he himself said that being a member of Congress wasn’t that great of a job.  Now, it looks like he will be a one-termer.


            Apparently, the Democratic Leadership knew all about this scandal and tried to cover it up.  Of course, the media has chosen to ignore this scandal.


            Democrats have plenty of scandals to worry about, if the media ever takes a serious look at the totality of their corruption.


            Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel, the man in charge of writing the tax laws for the country, forgot to pay taxes on rental property he owned in the Dominican Republic.  He forgot to pay taxes?  Really? 


            Like Mahoney, he has asked the Ethics Committee to investigate his transgressions.  My guess is that it will find both of them innocent or wait until after the election if they find they did anything wrong.


            The financial meltdown has plenty of scandals to recommend it. 


            Chris Dodd got a sweetheart deal from Countrywide Mortgage Company for his mortgage.  He also got more campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than any other Member of the Senate.  This cozy relationship with the lords of the world of mortgages meant that Dodd resisted all efforts to reform a system that obviously needed reform.  Had the Congress reformed the mortgage industry four years ago, like Congressional Republicans and the Bush White House wanted to, our country wouldn’t be in the mess we are currently in.  That is a real scandal


            The Obama campaign has its own list of scandals.  An organization that Obama’s campaign supported to the tune of close to a million dollars, has been breaking the law in almost every state.  ACORN is that organization, and they have done their darnedest to steal this election.  They have attempted to register dead people, the Dallas Cowboys and Mickey Mouse.  The junior Senator from Illinois has tried to distance itself from this merry band of election thieves, but money talks.  And the money links Obama with ACORN.


            Further revelations about Senator Obama’s shady connections has spawned another emerging scandal.  According to Stanley Kurtz, Obama worked to fund left-wing radical groups when he was the Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  As Kurtz points out in National Review Online, “Yet Obama and his very small and divided board kept the money flowing to ideologically extremist groups like the South Shore African Village Collaborative, instead of organizations focused on traditional educational achievement.

As if the content of SSAVC documents wasn’t warning enough, their proposals consistently misspelled “rites of passage” as “rights of passage,” hardly an encouraging sign from a group meant to improve children’s reading skills. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge’s own evaluators acknowledged that Annenberg-aided schools showed no improvement in achievement scores. Evaluators attributed that failure, in part, to the fact that many of Annenberg’s “external partners” had little educational expertise. A group that puts its efforts into Kwanzaa celebrations and half-baked history certainly fits that bill, and goes a long way toward explaining how Ayers and Obama managed to waste upwards of $150 million without improving student achievement.”


            This is the real scandal of this campaign.  The Obama machine rolls on, but nobody bothers to examine his real record of consorting with radicals and wasting valuable resources on wasteful projects. 


            This election season is chock full of Democratic scandal.  Will anybody in the media bother to connect the dots?

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