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Last Dance

Posted on October 15, 2008


Last dance

Last dance for love

Yes, it's my last chance

For romance tonight


I need you, by me,

Beside me, to guide me,

To hold me, to scold me,

cause when I’m bad

I’m so, so bad


So let's dance, the last dance

Let's dance, the last dance

Let's dance, this last dance tonight


I can’t get this song out of my head as I prepare myself for the last Presidential debate tonight. 


            There is a pathetic, desperate quality to this song that seems fitting when thinking about the future of the McCain campaign.


            So much is riding on this last dance.  At least that is how it seems to the national media.


            McCain needs a game-changer, they all say.  He needs to take Obama out, others say.  He needs to somehow mention the domestic terrorist Bill Ayres. He needs to make a big deal about ACORN.  He needs a new economic plan.  He needs to better communicate the thirteen other plans he has proposed.  He needs to smile.  He needs to scowl.  He needs to kick Obama’s butt, or he needs to give Obama a big hug. 


            It’s the last dance.  The last chance for McCain to show his love for the voter.


            I have a different theory.  McCain needs to be McCain. 


            He needs to stop making proposals.  He doesn’t need to be that exciting.  He doesn’t have to look desperate.


            He needs to stop being the Belle of the Ball.


            And he needs to let Obama take center stage.


            Let the American people take in the full measure of Barack Obama.


            Let them really contemplate what they know about Mr. Obama’s training for the most important job in the world.


            Let them start thinking about what Mr. Obama means when he says that he is going to spread the wealth.


            Let them breathe in what Jesse Jackson had to say about Obama and Israel.


            Let them start thinking about what would have happened had we lost in Iraq.


            Let them think about a world without trade .


            Let them really get to know Barack Obama, how he much he really despises capitalism, how much he really wants to raise taxes, how much he really supports abortion, how much he really learned from his ex-pastor about America. 


            And let them really start thinking about Senator Obama’s very thin resume, the most unimpressive resume of any Presidential candidate since Warren G. Harding.


            This doesn’t have to be John McCain’s last dance.  He should leave the dance floor to Senator Obama, so we can all see what the front-runner really believes.    


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