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Meanwhile the Economy is Tanking

Posted on June 26, 2014

Bring Home the Bacon
"Made20bacon" by Made20rder555 - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Meanwhile, the economy is tanking.

I’m glad Thad Cochran won.  I’m upset about the IRS covering up their illegal actions, including the purposeful audit of a sitting United States Senator who happens to have oversight of the agency.  I am depressed about the situation in Iraq and Syria.  I am shocked by the humanitarian crisis at the Texas border.

But the only issue that matters to the voters is the fact that the economy is tanking.

So, why isn’t Washington talking about the fact that the economy contracted by 2.1 percent in the first quarter?

A stumbling economy puts everybody in the country is a really bad mood.  It makes the deficit worse and puts more money on the nation’s credit card.

When the economy tanks, fewer taxes are collected into the Treasury and more money is spent on welfare.

When the economy sputters, fewer folks are able to buy homes, which means fewer people are able to find jobs.  When fewer folks work, they get spend more time watching cable television and when their cable goes out, they spend more time committing crimes.

Or at least that’s what the satellite television folks will tell you in their ad campaign.

But seriously, nobody in Washington is talking about plans to grow the economy.

Republicans seem most concerned about tagging Obama with whatever the latest scandal is, which is a pretty good political strategy in the abstract, but doesn’t give the American people any comfort about the future of the country or of the party.

The President, according to Dana Milbank, the liberal Washington Post reporter, spends most of his time playing golf.  I like golf, and hope to play a lot over the weekend.  But I’m not the President presiding over a collapsing American economy.

Can anyone remember the last proposal the President made to jump-start the economy?  I can’t.

And what about the Democrats?  What exactly is Harry Reid doing anyway, other than making it impossible for the Senate to vote on anything that is in anyway controversial?

I can see why the voters are frustrated with Washington.

The number one issue is the economy in every part of the country except for the nation’s capitol.

And that’s why Thad Cochran won, by the way.   At least he had a plausible way to help folks in Mississippi with the basket-case of an economy.

Bring home the bacon.

It might not be the best solution, but it’s better than nothing.

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