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What We Know With 2 Weeks To Election Day

Posted on October 26, 2016
2 Weeks To Election Day By Michael Vadon -, CC BY-SA 2.0, $3

2 Weeks To Election Day By Michael Vadon -, CC BY-SA 2.0, $3

2 weeks to election day and this is what we know.

We know that Hillary Clinton is going to win in a landslide. Or Donald Trump is going to shock the world and pull off the biggest political upset since Truman beat Dewey.

If the polls are to be believed, this race is over. Unless you look at some other polls, and then you wonder if maybe it’s a bit premature to declare a winner yet.

We know that Arizona, Utah and Texas are now tossups according to the pundits, but so is Minnesota, according to Real Clear Politics.

We know that Hillary has a better ground game and that Trump has more enthusiasm.

We know that Hillary is doing much, much better among women voters, especially women with college degrees. We know that Trump is doing better among men, especially white men without college degrees.

We know that Hillary has more campaign money to spend on more television ads. We also know that those ads probably haven’t had as much of an impact on how the voters view the candidates. If they don’t know Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton by now, they probably are recent immigrants from Saturn.

We know that on the issues, Hillary believes that we should have more immigrants from all over the world and that Trump believes we should have fewer. We also know that Hillary is doing better among those who have come to America recently and are now eligible to vote. Trump is not doing that well among that demographic, especially among Hispanic voters. But in all fairness, neither did Mitt Romney.

We know that millennial voters, those younger Americans who propelled Barack Obama to the White House, would rather have a meteor hit Earth and wipe out civilization than have either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get elected to the White House.

We know that black voters will support Hillary Clinton by a fairly large percentage, but that they aren’t all that excited about it, especially as compared to their favorite candidate of all time, Mr. Obama.

We know that older voters, those who are most likely to vote, like Trump and the Republicans more than they like Hillary. This is especially true among older, white female voters.

We know that Trump has not run a traditional campaign. We know that he has been through several campaign managers, that he doesn’t like to be managed, that he didn’t bother to get prepared for the first debate, that he says stuff that he doesn’t believe, and that he likes to campaign from his gut.

We know that Hillary has run a traditional campaign, that she has pollsters that she consults with a lot, that she has focus groups that rate her every campaign utterance, that she is disciplined in her approach, that she prepares for everything (especially debates) and that if she loses, she will be shocked.

We know that Donald Trump’s campaign is so disorganized that it can’t get campaign signs out to people who truly want them. We also know that the very idea of a Donald Trump candidacy has caused friction in many households across the country.

We know that nobody trusts Hillary Clinton, even her most ardent supporters. Thanks to Wikileaks we know that her campaign team has a low opinion of American Catholics, of Bernie Sanders supporters, of Sidney Blumenthal and of David Brock. We also know that Hillary says one thing to the voters and a completely different thing to her big donors. We also know that she was a big fan of the President’s biggest trade agreement before she was against it, and if her Vice Presidential candidate is to be believed, she will support it once again, with a few minor changes.

We know that Donald Trump is the candidate of change, but perhaps too much change. We know that Hillary Clinton is promising to do pretty much the same thing as President Obama, except more aggressively and in heels.

That’s what we know. And we also know that this election will be held in two weeks. And it will finally be over.

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