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Jeb Weighs In

Posted on March 21, 2012

            The last Republican President’s brother finally decided to endorse Mitt Romney for President.


Romney probably would have preferred that Jeb Bush had endorsed him during the Florida primary, but as it turned out, he didn’t really need it.


Florida was the first turning point in this election.  Illinois is the last turning point.


Santorum will win Louisiana and the media will once against breathlessly intone about how this race isn’t over.


This race is over.  Jeb Bush has finally decided that there won’t be a messy convention and that he won’t be drafted at the last moment.   Might as well jump on the Romney bandwagon for the short ride to the convention.


Romney will be a fine general election candidate.  He didn’t overly pander to the South (which is probably why he will lose every Southern State, not including Virginia, (where he won because his only competitor was Ron Paul)), which means that he will do pretty well in the Industrial Heartland and in the Northeast.


Romney is the first Republican candidate in a long while who can compete in all fifty states.


He might not win in all fifty, but he can give Obama a run for the money in both Illinois and in Massachusetts.  Call me crazy, but Romney will look better there than most pundits think.


I liked Ann Romney’s little speech about women being angry about jobs and the economy and the budget.  She’s right.  They are also angry that Rick Santorum has helped to guide this election back into a discussion re-litigating contraception.


Hey guys, let’s not go there, she seems to be saying.  Let’s keep the issue the issue.


And that is what a Mitt Romney campaign is all about.  The reason is simple:  That’s about all he can really talk about.


His record on abortion isn't that convincing for the pro-life community.  Gay marriage?  Not really his thing.  Contraception?  Really not his thing.


But you get him talking about the business sector, or about balance sheets, or about trade, or about creating jobs?  Voila.  That is his sweet spot.


And guess what?  That is what people in the Bay State and in the Land of Lincoln and in the Buckeye State and throughout most of Red and Blue States really care about first and foremost.


They want economic security.


That was Ann Romney’s message, and I think it is a good one.


She should be the one running for President.  Jeb should have endorsed her.

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