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Hillary Clinton: The Politician

Posted on October 7, 2015
"Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop" by United States Department of State - Official Photo at Department of State page. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

"Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop" by United States Department of State

It comes as no surprise that Hillary Clinton came out against the latest trade agreement.

She’s a politician.

The fact that she said favorable things about it on 45 different occasions is no surprise either.

She’s a politician.

And, more dangerously, she is a politician who is on the outside looking to get back in.

She has no accountability, no need to lead, no trains to run on time.

She is a politician.

And she can count the votes.

And she knows that for the Democratic base, she has to be against a trade agreement that she once called the model for all future trade agreements.

There aren’t many free trade Democrats left anymore.

And Hillary already has the support of those Democrats. She needs to make certain that the rest don’t flock to Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden has no choice. He has to support this trade agreement. He can’t turn his back on his boss just as he is trying to decide whether he is going to throw his hat on the ring.

You see, Joe Biden, he’s a politician too.

Biden is the one who leaked his son’s last words to the media.

That might seem to be crass or inappropriate to some, but if you are a politician, you act like a politician. And that’s what politicians do. They leak private conservations with their dying sons to the New York Times because they want to get the word out.  They want to get the word out that just maybe, they might run for President.

Biden is a politician, just like Hillary.

But he seems to be a better one.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem like a politician. He seems to be an authentic socialist.

He doesn’t comb his hair or wear nice clothes or take politically correct positions.

Except for one.

He is against gun control. That seems like it is out of step with the liberal philosophy.

Liberals and socialists by and large approve of gun control.

But not Bernie. He likes to be seen back home as pro-gun, because that’s what gets him reelected.

You see, he’s a politician too.

Kind of like Barack Obama.

Obama would have voted against this trade agreement had he been running for the White House.

He would have complained about how trade agreements like this hurt the working class, how his people are getting screwed by globalization, how big corporations need to be brought down to size.

When Obama was a politician, he hated trade agreements like this.

But the President is not running for office again. He is a lame duck and he knows this trade agreement, on balance, will be good for global trade and good for the American economy.

So he can afford to be for it.

What does he care?

He is no longer a politician.

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