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Happy Holidays

Posted on December 23, 2011
Intermittent Check-In

I am taking next week off, and truth be told, I am taking today off too.

That is one of the great things about the Christmas/New Year’s Eve Holiday.  Once you get past the Christmas shopping thing and the family get-togethers and the Christmas Eve Mass (if you are the kind that goes to Midnight Mass), you have a week to figure out what you are going to do for New Year’s Eve.

Typically, during this next week, the media does a retrospective of the last year.

It has been a fun year for the Feehery Theory.  Thanks to the folks at Creative 2, I got my coffee mugs, which I must admit are a big hit with some of my friends.  The coffee simply tastes a little better in a Feehery Theory coffee mug, mostly because you get a lot of it.

We are working on a redesign of the blog, so I expect next year to be even bigger year for the Feehery Theory.

Thanks to my friend Tim Farley, I get a chance to do a Feehery Theory commentary on POTUS radio.  I love doing it and I hope when you listen, you find them at least mildly entertaining.

One of my biggest posts of the year came last week.  It was titled “War is Hell”, and it said some nice things about Ron Paul.  Anytime you say anything nice about Ron Paul, you are going to get some real traffic to your site.

I had my first official Guest blogger last week.  Steve Bell said what we were all feeling and he said it on the Feehery Theory.  If any of you want to ever guest blog, please don’t hesitate.

One of my favorite blogs was a tongue-in-cheek announcement by William Jenning Bryan that he was running to lead the Tea Party movement.  Bryan’s prairie populism is stunningly similar to Sarah Palin and other Tea Party luminaries.  I thought it was worth noting.

One of my durable posts this year was another tongue in cheek blog about President’s visit to the Mayan ruins.  I wondered if the President knew something we didn’t know about the end of the world.  Perhaps that is why he had no plan to reform Social Security.  If the world is going to end, what’s point?

In any event, since I am getting ready to board my flight, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, or whatever holiday you might be celebrating.

Thanks for reading the Feehery Theory.  I really appreciate it and you.

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