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Focus of the Conventions

Posted on August 29, 2012

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The focus of the Republican convention, for obvious reasons, is on Mitt Romney.

What kind of president will he be?  Is he a nice guy?  Does his wife like him?  What's up with his religion?

One part of his biography won't get much play, though.  His record in Massachusetts, which was largely positive and effective, won't get much play.  Can't alienate the base.

What will be the focus of the Democratic convention?  Why, Mitt Romney of course.

The Democrats promise to expose Romney's rapacious capitalism.

They want to talk about Bain.  They can't wait to link Mitt to Todd Akin.

What they won't be doing is talking about Barack Hussein Obama. There won't be any Greek columns to frame the majestic one.  Obama is no longer the change we have all been waiting for.

It is hard to see how the Democrats will get much of a bounce from their convention.   They can't focus on Obama's accomplishments, because they are so unpopular.  They can't reintroduce the man, because we all know him far too well.

Hope and change is dead.   Now, all we have left is tearing the bark off of the man from Bain.

Not much inspiration in that message.

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