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  • When the Unemployment Rate Goes Up

    Posted on September 29, 2010

    The jobless rate and economic growth are not necessarily connected. An economy can grow without people going back to work.  Companies can make profits and not necessarily hire people.  We...

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  • March Against the NEA, Not With It

    Posted on September 17, 2010

    So, the NAACP, La Raza, and the Teachers’ Unions are organizing a march on the Capitol Mall next month. Does anybody else see the terrible irony here? Ben Jealous, who...

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  • The Glove Fits

    Posted on March 31, 2010

    So, according to various news reports, House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman is going to “investigate” corporate America for reacting to the President’s new health care law by promising...

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  • When PAYGO Doesn’t Mean PAYGO

    Posted on March 4, 2010

    The junior Senator from Florida put a simple question to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee yesterday on the Senate floor. When does PAYGO really mean PAYGO? Senate Democrats...

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