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  • The Club Strikes Out Again

    Posted on July 26, 2013

    So, the Club for Growth is up to its old tricks. The group of bilious billionaires who gave us Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Joe Miller, and other losers is now...

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  • Confab on Immigration

    Posted on July 10, 2013

    Republicans are having a confab on immigration as I write this entry. I imagine that none of them like the Senate product. I don’t blame them. I don’t like what...

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  • Missed Opportunities

    Posted on November 15, 2012

    My opinion of the Presidential debates is that they were about like watching a “Rocky 100” reunion movie in 2046 where Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers have another fight when...

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  • The Declining Art of Subtlety

    Posted on October 26, 2012

    There is no subtlety in politics anymore. And that’s a shame. I was thinking about that when I watching television the other day. Sandwiched between brutal attack ads, where Obama...

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  • Debate #3

    Posted on October 22, 2012

    Debates can be tricky, especially when it comes to foreign policy. Gerald Ford lost his debate with Jimmy Carter when he said that the people of Poland were not being...

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