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American Women and Unemployment

Posted on April 10, 2014
TechCrunch SF 2013 4S2A3709 Marissa Mayer

A Smart American Woman: Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo!

American women are a pretty smart bunch, far smarter than President Obama and his political team might think.

They see through the smoke screen, the slight of hand, the obfuscation that comes from the latest Oval Office political effort.

180,000 more American women couldn’t find work in March than the month before as the unemployment rate increased from 6.4 percent to 6.6 percent among female workers.

All told, 4.85 million American women were in the unemployment lines rather than in a job.

This is the reason that the President wants to talk about pay inequality rather than a paycheck.

Mr. Obama think he can get away with this sleight of hand despite the fact that in his own White House, American women get paid substantially less than the men.

Think about that.  The President is trying to get the government to compel private business to deploy pay equity while his own White House refuses to do the same.

He clearly doesn’t believe in practicing what he preaches.

More American mothers than ever before have dropped out of the work place to take care of their kids.  This is especially true of American mothers who don’t have college degrees.

That’s because raising kids is expensive and women have to make a fundamental economic choice, and for many of these women, it makes far more sense to stay at home.

The Obama economy has created this kind of dynamic.

It is hard to see how higher taxes and more regulations will help spur economic growth and put more American women to work.

I don’t think that American women, especially American women who own small businesses, are clamoring for the government to come in and dictate who gets paid what.

What American women want is a private sector that creates jobs and promotes more economic security.

What they don’t want is a smokescreen and distraction from the real issues that face this economy.  But that is what they are getting from this President.