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  • Let’s Stop the Impeachment Chatter

    Posted on May 15, 2013

    When I worked for the Hammer, I told him point-blank it was unwise for him to lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton. I explained to him that even if we...

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  • Right Wing on a Roll

    Posted on May 14, 2013

    It has been a good couple of weeks for conservative activists. They have been able to take issues that they care deeply about and get the MSM (or main-stream media)...

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  • Time for an Independent Investigation of the IRS

    Posted on May 13, 2013

    At midnight on June 30, 1999, the statute that authorized the Independent Counsel Act expired. That act had allowed Ken Star to investigate President Clinton.  It had also allowed several...

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  • Big Momentum for Immigration Reform

    Posted on May 10, 2013

    Originally published on The Hill. Comprehensive immigration reform will get 75 votes in the Senate, making it harder for conservatives to kill it in the House. The Senate Judiciary Committee...

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  • Benghazi

    Posted on May 9, 2013

    I haven’t been paying too much attention to the Benghazi thing. Fox News is fixated on it, but Fox gets fixated on a lot of things that don’t particularly interest...

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