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You Can Read it on The Drudge Report!

Posted on June 28, 2013

Gold is sinking like a stone, while the temperature in Phoenix is about to set a record high of 119.

What goes up must come down.

When you read the Drudge report, you get all kinds of interesting tidbits you get nowhere else.

Did you know that the meteor that crashed in Russia earlier this year actually circled the globe twice before crashing into Siberia?

I didn’t know that.  I watched the video on the Drudge Report.  It looked like it came out of some creepy late-night movie.

I read on the Drudge Report that a solar flare from the Sun could completely immobilize the modern world, sending us back to the 19th Century.

I wonder if the Gold bugs know that.  Time to start buying the precious metal again.

I learned that Rachel Jenteal, the young lady who is the star prosecution witness for the George Zimmerman trial, doesn’t much like “white crackers.”  But after reading a few columns, we all have to understand that is not her fault that she hates white people.  Of course, white people are to blame for that.

Of course, they are.

I also learned on the Drudge Report that if George Zimmerman gets acquitted, we should all be ready for a race riot.

Great.  That’s all we need.  Another race riot.

There are murderers and rapists and burglars who are wrongly acquitted every day in Washington DC, but you don’t see a swarm of lobbyists rioting in the streets.  I wonder if Matt Drudge would cover that.

I learned on the Drudge Report that Bert and Ernie have finally come out of the closest.  They didn’t seem gay to me, but I never really can figure out that stuff.

I also learned that Alec Baldwin was really pissed off that somebody reported that Baldwin’s wife was tweeting during the James Gandolfini funeral.

Maybe he was channeling his inner rage, a la Tony Soprano.

In any event, the Capitol One pitchman deleted his Twitter account, so we won’t be able to find this out ourselves.  But that is why we have the Drudge Report.

There is really nowhere else on earth where you can learn that the UK is getting ready to okay babies being born with the DNA of three different people.  This is a whole new definition of the threesome, but probably not as much fun as the original version.

A Texas teen made a violent joke playing a video game and was thrown in jail for months, while another teenage boy was convicted of killing a 5 year-old.

That kind of shows you why America is going down the tubes.

You can witness it all on The Drudge Report.   All the news that is not quite fit to print can be found on the world’s first and most important news blog.

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