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You Will Only Get Change If You Vote for the GOP This Fall

Posted on October 10, 2014

"Capitol-Senate" by Scrumshus - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

There is one combination we haven’t tried yet in the Obama era.

We tried complete Democratic domination.   We got Obamacare, a failed stimulus program, a lot of debt and a fundamentally flawed scheme to regulate the banks.  We didn’t get immigration reform.

We tried a House controlled by Republicans and a Senate controlled by Harry Reid.  And aside from a debt crisis and a government shut-down, we didn’t get much out of that, including immigration reform and any trade deals.   We also didn’t get a grand bargain or an effective job creation package done.

What we haven’t tried is a House and a Senate controlled by Republicans.

What should we expect if we get that combination?

I imagine we will get some deal to build the Keystone pipeline.

We might get some trade deals on the floor.

We could get some corporate tax reform.

I bet you we get the Congressional spending bills done.

I bet you that the Speaker and the New Senate Majority leader will work to put some job creation bills on the floor.

Probably some other cats and dogs, including a border security bill with some elements of immigration reform (but not amnesty).

Most importantly, Congress will get back to work after essentially taking the last four years off.

There is only one chance for the Congress to change its ways.

And that is to change the combination.

If you were satisfied with how Congress worked the first two years under Obama, well, then, you are out of luck.  The House will stay Republican.

If you are pleasantly surprised by the status quo, if you are supremely please by how the Congress is doing its business, well then you are in the distinct minority.   But if that is the case, you will want Harry Reid to stay as the Majority Leader, because a Reid Majority will preserve the status quo.

If you are tired of a dysfunctional Federal government and want real change, the only way to achieve that goal is to vote for Republicans and kick Reid out of the Leader’s office.

Voting for the Libertarian candidate will not lead to change.  It will lead to the status quo.  Voting for the Independent candidate (say in Kansas) will not lead to change.  It will lead to the status quo.

There is only one real way to change Washington.  And that is to change the combination that currently governs there.

And the only way to change the combination is to vote for the Republican.

You might hate the Republican party, but if you want change, you have little choice.

You might think that the GOP is a bunch of limp-wristed nincompoops.  But if you want change, you have little choice.

You might think that the conservatives who run the Republican Party are a bit too extreme for you taste.  But if you want change, you have no choice but to vote for them.

This election is a referendum on the President, but it is also a referendum on the status quo.

If you are for the status quo, you vote against the Republicans.  If you want change, you will for vote for them.

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