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Wild Thing

Posted on September 22, 2009
Wild Thing

Tom DeLay’s cha-cha on “Dancing With the Stars” was not the strangest story on the web today. The strangest story detailed how John Edwards tried to get an aide to admit that he, and not Edwards, was the father of the child that Edwards produced.

There was a moment where John Edwards was in serious contention to win the Democratic primary for President. And as he was pulling the wool over the eyes of Iowa voters, he was having an affair, having a child out of wedlock, trying to cover it up by having a campaign aide claim paternity, all while allowing his wife (who has terminal cancer as we all know) to campaign for him as if he were the best thing since the invention of the telegraph.

Talk about Wild Thing. This guy could have been President.

As Tom DeLay danced to Wild Thing, a new book was set to come out about Bill Clinton and his discussions with his friend, historian Taylor Branch. Clinton says some remarkable things about his Vice President (old Mr. Doom and Gloom himself, Al Gore), some remarkable things about his wife (he makes some crack about how he gets touched more by gay people than he does by the future and present Secretary of State), and of course, he laments the treatment he received for having an affair with an intern more than two decades his junior.

Talk about Wild Thing. This guy was President.

DeLay shook his booty on the television screen and I am sure Melanie Sloan and her CREW crew had a surreal time watching him. DeLay actually did a pretty good job, better than former Cowboy Michael Irvin and certainly better than Tucker Carlson. He played air guitar like he invented the genre, and he actually had some pretty impressive rhythm for an old Southern Baptist right-winger. Probably the most revealing thing about the Hammer was how he hugged his wife and daughter after the dance. You could see the pure joy in their eyes, and that was very nice. His family has been through a lot, and they deserve some old fashioned fun again, which they had last night.

DeLay was a Wild Thing, but in a good kind of way.

I stayed up late to watch our President talk to David Letterman. Letterman obviously likes Mr. Obama, and to paraphrase POTUS in another context, after the interview, you come away with the impression that Mr. Obama is likable enough.

The President is most convincing when he is talking about his daughters and his family and their surreal experience in the White House. You can admire him for his desire to make certain his kids grow up as normal as possible, under the circumstances. But as the interview dragged on and the President started getting on his moral high-horse, I started to fade, finally falling asleep to him saying something about health care that I have heard time and time again.

No Wild Thing here. Just more of the same old, same old.

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