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Upon Further Review

Posted on October 4, 2009

Upon Further Review


            Upon further review, it seems that Chicago never really had a chance when it came to grabbing the Olympics in 2016.  All of Michelle Obama’s tears, all of President Obama’s words, all of Mayor Daley’s earnestness, none of that really mattered.


            And it seems that just about everybody knew the fix was in except for us.


            As is true of most things in life, this was all about the money.  The International Olympic Committee is not happy with how much money they are getting from the United States Olympic Committee, especially as the divide up the television revenues.  The USOC won’t play ball, so that means no Olympics for us.


            Sorry, Windy City.  No matter how good your presentation was, you weren’t going to get it.  No matter how much Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey turned on their star power, this game was rigged.  No matter what the President said, no matter if he came or didn’t come to Copenhagen, Chicago was going to be shut out. 


            So, I have two questions. 


            Why didn’t the White House know about this?  And if they did know about it, why did he go anyway?


            This whole thing seems like a cruel high school joke.  It is as if the whole high school turned on the starting quarterback and gave the homecoming crown to the tuba player.  Not to say that Rio is the Tuba Player, but the White House seemed completely clueless to the fact that Chicago didn’t have a prayer to get the Olympics.


            Why are they so clueless?  What else are they clueless about?   Other than the House, the Senate, the Middle East, the economy, independent voters, the fears and concerns of the average American voter, I mean?  I already know that they are clueless about those things.


            And if they weren’t clueless about the fact that the fix was in, why didn’t they just keep Obama at home?  Did they think that he looks better as a lovable loser?  What has he become, a Cub fan?