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9 Insults I’ve Been Getting On Twitter Lately and What I Think of Them

Posted on October 3, 2013
Twitter Insults

A few recent favorites.

I probably shouldn’t engage.

But I can’t help myself.

For the thin-skinned, Twitter is not a very fun place to venture, especially if you want to express an opinion on politics.

But for scrappers, it can be a lot of fun to get into loud arguments about the future of the country.

I consider myself a mostly conventional Republican, with libertarian tendencies.

I like Rand PaulTed Cruz, not so much.

I generally support the Republican leadership in both Houses, having worked for House Republican Leaders for a decade and a half.

I have been in their fox hole, and I know how tough being in the leadership can be.

Having lived through the last shut-down, I think this current shut-down will not end well for Republicans.   That is based on my personal experiences, and my opinion is widely shared by such liberal organizations as the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

On Twitter, I get it from both sides.

When I go on television, the left lights up against me.

To them, I am usually a combination of:

1. a dolt
2. a racist
3. a Fascist
4. an Obama hater
5. a tool.

When I write posts that are supportive of the Republican Leadership or of guys who are willing to take on the hard right, I am called:

6. a wimp
7. a sell-out
8. a traitor
9. or the most common pejorative expression, a RINO.

Some of my friends in the Tea Party would rather that I leave the Republican Party and join the Democrats (as if they would have me).  Now I have worked in and for the Republican Party for 25 years.  I have helped Congressional Republicans win elections, worked on campaigns, given my heart and soul to the party.

But that is not good enough for the Tea Party.

And now the Tea Party twitterers want me to go.  Of course, they don’t just want me to go.  They call John Boehner, Peter King, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, and just about every Republican who disagrees tactically with Ted Cruz, RINO’s too.

So I am in good company.

These people are idiots.  They don’t know a thing about coalition politics.  They don’t know anything about how to govern.  They don’t know about legislative strategy.  They hate the very idea of a big tent.

But that doesn’t stop them from venting on Twitter.

It’s a free country, and they have the right to vent all they want.

I am amazed by how many of the venters are middle-age women.  They are the ones who most want Republicans like me to “grow some balls” and not be a wimp.  They challenge the manhood of all RINO’s who want to open up the government.

Inevitably, these Sarah Palin wannabes describe themselves as evangelical Christians, Constitutional conservatives, libertarians and true patriots.

And of course, if you disagree with them, you probably hate America and are not a patriot.

Seems like these ladies need to work out some personal problems.

There are plenty of angry white men on the right and angry black women on the left, and I expect them to give it to me, and believe me, they do.

I guess we can thank Palin for this new element.

Twitter is a fun place to see what is happening in the world of politics and the worlds of entertainment and plenty of other worlds too.

But you better have thick skin.

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