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Thin Ice

Posted on May 13, 2009
In baseball, when a team loses 10 games in a row, the owner starts thinking about firing the manager.

Whoever owns the Republican Party should start thinking about firing Michael Steele.

Steele’s run at the RNC has been inauspicious at best, a complete disaster at worst.

While I didn’t actively support Steele’s election to be Republican National Committee Chairman, I quietly hoped he would win. I liked his campaign when he ran for the Senate, I thought he had a winning personality, and he talked a good game about outreach.

But Steele is clearly in over his head and Republicans need to think about finding a replacement.

It was bad enough that it took him months to organize the RNC after he won the Chairmanship. In fact, he still doesn’t have a finance director to help raise money for Republicans. This should be the time, as people learn more about President Obama’s real agenda, to raise serious dough for the GOP, but there is nobody appointed to fill that role. Not good.

Steele has been completely undisciplined in his rhetoric and completely absent when it comes to organization.

It was Steele who suggested that Republicans should consider running primaries against Arlen Specter, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Steel got his wish with Specter, and now Specter is a Democrat. Nice work.

It was Steele who suggested that our likely nominee in the next Presidential election, Mitt Romney, wasn’t conservative enough and lost because he was Mormon.

It was Steele who first called Rush Limbaugh an entertainer and then apologized to Rush for calling him what he most certainly is, an entertainer.

Steele poured in just enough money in a special election in New York, a special election that Republicans should have won, so the GOP candidate could barely lose.

It was Steele who should have organized a series of national hall meetings to rebrand the party. He didn’t, which meant that Eric Cantor had to fill the huge void left by Steele’s incompetent inaction. Thank God for Cantor, who should be appointed to serve as General Chairman of the RNC.

I am sure Michael Steele is a very nice guy. And he should be a regular guest on television shows far and wide, because he is very entertaining. But he is demonstrating time and time again that he shouldn’t be RNC Chairman. He better turn things around quickly, because he is skating on very thin ice.

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